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Looking to host a service project at your church?


YANA and Mariners Church make blankets for cancer patients - group 4-ASponsoring/hosting a blanket-making event is a great way to offer your church members a service project that truly impacts the lives of others in a meaningful way. The entire church can get involved in providing faith, hope and love to cancer patients. Gain awareness for your cancer support group at the church or take this opportunity to start a new one. Blanket-tying events are fun; they help strengthen a sense of community as people work together on a common goal—with old friends or new ones!

Blanket Material Provided:

YANA Cancer Comfort no-sew fleece material comes pre-cut

  • Blankets are 5x5 feet
  • 2 pieces of fleece material make the no sew blankets
  • One solid color and one patterned color
  • How to make a no sew blanket

Time Frame: 2-4 hours

How to estimate blankets needed:

  • 1 blanket per person per hour
    • - Best if 4 or 8 people work on each side of the blanket at the same time
  • Example: 30 people 2 hours would make 60 blankets

Minimum order required:

  • Material for 45 blankets
    • 1 roll of solid fleece
    • 1 roll of patterned fleece
  • Minimum donation to cover our costs: $550 (material, shipping & handling)
  • Prefer local organizations where shipping is minimal

Sponsor/host a blanket-tying event at your church