YANA Cancer Comfort FUNdraisers

World Cancer Day - February 4th - Super Bowl Squares FUNdraiser

Do you play football squares? Create a FUNdraiser and donate to a great cause – providing care packages to cancer patients!


Half of all the money you raise can be donated to YANA-Cancer Comfort to help cover the costs of our increasing package requests expenses – we’ve tripled the number of care packages that are being sent out. The other half can go to four lucky winners per Super Bowl Squares Game!

  • Date:
    Super Bowl Sunday - February 4th
  • Location:
    Anywhere - virtual game
  • Football Squares:
    Setup your football squares with family and friends before the game and make your 50% donation to YANA Cancer Comfort after the game. Have fun!


What is FootballSquares?

The grid consisted of 100 squares. The board is a 10x10 grid of boxes where each row and column are assigned a number from 0 to 9. In Football Squares, each square of the grid can be claimed by a pool member for $10 per square. At the end of each quarter of the game, the last digit of both NFL teams' score is compared to the grid to determine a winner. The grid numbers are randomly assigned by the pool system after everyone has selected a square.



Squares are $10 each. $5 goes to the winners pot, $5 to YANA. Any unfilled Squares should be assigned to the fundraiser.



  1. First quarter: $100
  2. Second quarter: $100
  3. Third quarter: $100
  4. Final score: $200



Donate 50% of the Football Square game proceeds to YANA-Cancer Comfort PayPal account.


What happens if an "Unpaid" square wins?

All "unpaid" squares that are remaining on the board/grid at the time the grid numbers are generated should be labeled "unpaid". If an "unpaid" square wins, you can donate the winning to YANA Cancer Comfort PayPal account.


Thank you and good luck!