Service Projects for Groups

Including professional, social, youth and support groups


Groups supporting YANA Cancer Comfort 1200x500 Community groups of any size, age or focus can participate in hand-tying blankets for cancer patients. All groups including scouts, high schools, and rotary clubs are welcome to hand-tie blankets.

Girl Scouts can earn their Bronze or Silver Community Service badge by organizing and participating in a YANA Cancer Comfort blanket-tying event. They can make blankets for kids or for adults.

The care packages, which include the no-sew fleece blankets, can be delivered locally to a cancer treatment center, hospital oncology center or cancer support group of the community group’s choice.


Blanket Material Provided:

YANA Cancer Comfort no-sew fleece material comes pre-cut

  • Blankets are 5x5 feet
  • 2 pieces of fleece material make the no sew blankets
  • One solid color and one patterned color
  • How to make a no sew blanket

Time Frame: 2-4 hours

How to estimate blankets needed:

  • 1 blanket per person per hour
    • - Best if 4 or 8 people work on each side of the blanket at the same time
  • Example: 30 people 2 hours would make 60 blankets

Minimum order required:

  • Material for 45 blankets
    • 1 roll of solid fleece
    • 1 roll of patterned fleece
  • Minimum donation to cover our costs: $450 (material, shipping & handling)
  • Prefer local organizations where shipping is minimal

Coordinate a blanket-tying event for your group